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Welcome to Golf Starting Point, we are a web directory specializing in information about golf. With links to courses, instruction, reviews, manufacturers, travel, etc., this site is focused on providing the best information about golf available on the web.

Golf Tips

Buying Golf Equipment
Numerous online and bricks and mortar stores offer golf gear on the web, so it is import to take care to get the best products at the best price, whether its a customized golf bag, a customized towel or customized tees and balls. The Internet is an great resources for finding the right club at the right price, used or new equipment or even supplies to build your own. For the most part online prices are better then retail stores but be sure to keep in mind shipping costs. Golf Forums are a great place to talk to others about where they made their purchases. Before buying always check for product reviews and use price comparison sites to find the best deal. As its true that better equipment makes a better golfer, upgrading or trading in your old clubs for new may lower your scores making you enjoy the game more and may even lead to a few free drinks at the 19th hole.
Golf on a budget
Playing golf on a tight budget is not always an easy task. Your best bet is to check local courses for discount tee times, often in the early morning and twilight hours. Adjusting your schedule may lead to some surprisingly good deals. Another place to check is with local groups or clubs, talking with others may lead you to great value if the others are willing to give up their secrets. There are discount golf packages all over the web so if travel is in your future spend some time online researching deals. Time of year also has a great effect on prices, for example its much cheaper to play in Arizona in the summer then the winter. Heck you may even get a trophy for just completing 18 holes in 100 degree plus temperature.

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